This is the time to renew your life. With Lifestyle Holiday you can change your life, learn how to lose weight or be stronger, and healthier.
Take part in one- or two-weeks long holiday in an excellent wellness hotel and discover the beauty inside. A whole stylist team will show you how wonderful you are. You will be absolutely happy with your healthy lifestyle.

The prices for the Lifestyle Holiday includes everything that you need for an effective, but enjoyable week or weeks. Includes travel cost (plane ticket and transport), accommodation cost in Debrecen and Budapest (luxury hotels), everyday trainings, consultations with doctors, consultation about vitamins with a specialist and pharmacist, wellness, spa, special “clean eating” menu all week, gastronomic programs, stylist programs. 

During the Online Personal Training you will get personalized diet and workout plans, tips, motivation, educations based on recent scientific results to get your perfect shape. You can be assured that you will be motivated, and successful.

Program Special Offer

ShapeRevolution PCOS Camp

1700 GBP / 7 days

Personal Summer Body Camp

3000 GBP / 14 days
1700 GBP / 7 days

Senior Lifestyle Holiday

3000 GBP / 14 days
1700 GBP / 7 days

Inner Health Online Personal Training

69 GBP / 4 weeks

Perfect Summer Body Online Personal Training

49 GBP / 4 weeks